Mike Fernandez

Fernandez is the Chief Executive Officer, Founder and Chairman of MBF Healthcare Partners, L.P. He serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Healthcare Acquisition Corp. since June 2006. Mr. Fernandez also serves as the Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at CPHP Holdings Inc.

As a Cuban exile, growing up in New York, Fernandez has devoted his efforts to supporting immigrants in the U.S. by advocating for their rights. Through the IMPAC Fund, his latest initiative, he will fundraise to seek expanding currently existing legal services and programs to help undocumented immigrants fight unjust deportation procedures and grant them a path to citizenship


Kathy Bird Carvajal
Executive Director

Kathy has been a devoted advocate for immigrants in Florida for over 15 years. She has led and won issue and electoral campaigns and has built and sustained coalitions from various sectors including directly impacted immigrant families, advocates, faith leaders, elected officials and small businesses. Born in Miami and raised in both Miami and Ecuador, Kathy is proud of her immigrant roots and of her parents who were both small business owners and entrepreneurs. A mother of 2 beautiful kids, Kathy is deeply grounded in Florida and looks forward to continuing to work to improve the lives of immigrants in our state.


Mariana Castro
Central FL Business Coordinator

Mariana has been advocating for her immigrant community since she was 19 years old. As a young advocate she helped start university programs that provide visibility to undocumented students statewide and has raised thousands in funds for scholarships specifically for undocumented students in Florida. She has organized issue campaigns that support and protect immigrant and farmworker families. Mariana has a strong legislative background having served as a legislative aide in the Florida Senate and as an intern for the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Mariana graduated from the University of Florida with a bachelor’s of arts in Biology in May of 2019.

Born in Lima, Peru and raised in Orlando, Florida, Mariana understands first-hand the issues that the undocumented community faces and is ready to continue her work through IMPAC.